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Javi Garcia
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Every now and then something comes along that you just can't shake. Something that you just can't deny. Whether it be an unexpected life changing experience, or a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Like it or not, it affects you. The common thread is that you experienced something unique and uncommon. That type of feeling is something you will take with you after digesting what Javi Garcia brings to the table.

In 2010, Javi Garcia a virtual unknown, unleashed his self produced debut double album A Southern Horror, which earned him 4 nominations at the Lone Star Music Awards. Album Of The Year, Emerging Artist Of The Year, & Album Art Of The Year (Original artwork by Javi Garcia). Two years later he set out to record The Great Controversy. His highly anticipated self produced sophomore effort. With the help of a successful pre-sale campaign raising over $17,000, the album is set for release April 9th, 2013. With many of his underground cult following believing his debut album A Southern Horror set a new standard for a new breed of progressive Americana, The Great Controversy undeniably raises the bar yet again. Truly embracing the nomadic spirit of Americana music and using it to further blur the line between singer-songwriter and uncompromising Rock & Roll. The album's momentum is relentless. The production is beautifully progressive and Garcia's songwriting has matured to a level that will even make his skeptics true believers.

"Javi Garcia's songs are written with an elegant cool darkness that rattles the bones, shakes the soul and bleeds with integrity. believe it." - Ray Wylie Hubbard

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Javi Garcia  07/29/2010            
Justin Klare
Where do I begin on reviewing this cd? I first heard of Javi the last week of April 2010 through a friend. I heard one song on his myspace music page and was instantly hooked. I got on my iTunes and bought his "Madly In Anger" ep because I couldn't wait another week until I saw him live and was able to buy this album "Southern Horror". I saw him on May 5, 2010 at the Phoenix Saloon for his cd release party. I got to meet Javi and bought a copy of this album. It hasn't left my cd player since. He has this rugged sound that I have never heard before. I dig this album and since have gotten alot of people into his music. The man is the most down to earth, coolest guy ever. If you do not own this album yet, you need to do so. I highly recommend it and gurantee if you like ronchy, in your face music, you need to get this. If there wasn't a limit on the rating I would give it and infinite number.
Javi Garcia  07/20/2010            
Fortunate Son
Anybody who doesn't flat-out love this record is dead between the ears.
Javi Garcia  07/17/2010            
I first heard/saw Javi Garica sing back @ a Mike McClure concert @ Floores. I then sought out more on YouTube & his Myspace. I was then hooked!! This album is SICK!!!! The energy is full & doesnt stop!! I consider him a rock-n-roll Ryan Bingham!!! If you like Ryan, youll LOVE a "Southern Horror" A +++++
Javi Garcia  07/10/2010            
If you're on a road trip, put away the Red Bull and pop in this CD. Javi will get you where you're going and make you want to go around the block a couple of times too. Great stuff! Extremely talented!
Javi Garcia  07/09/2010            
Jon Law
Just because Javi is mexican, it doesnt mean that every Mexican who comments is his family... Look Listen to the preview pieces. if you like them, like i'm sure you will, BUY IT!!! Voodoo Queen is fucking mind blowing and Needles and Thread is haunting! both CDs combined are a match made in Hell and I love it. Point: take a chance, Listen to the Previews and buy the CD and I guarantee you'll find at least 4 songs that will be on every single playlist you ever make again.
Javi Garcia  06/06/2010            
Here's the deal, folks. When I see multiple reviews from the same IP address (there were 3 1-star reviews from the same IP address) then they get deleted. Post your thoughts ONCE, and please post without vulgarity or personal attacks. Thanks.
Javi Garcia  06/06/2010            
Was weaned on 70's rock and roll, had a bumper sticker that said "Death Before Disco". Mellowed somewhat, took pride in Texas music and Red Dirt, own alot of it. But this guy, angry as his material seems, is TALENTED! Songs are truly haunting, forcing you to look into the dark, scary closet, step on the snakes, then thank the Lord that you are still alive and listening to some kick-ass rock!
Javi Garcia  06/06/2010            
this cd is amazing, take ryan bingham and the drive by truckers mix em together and you get javi garcia, driving guitars and great songwriting this is a great texas artist
Javi Garcia  06/03/2010            
This cd is definitely one of the best albums I have purchased this year.
Javi Garcia  06/01/2010            
Pretty good cd overall. Glad I have it. A little different than the Todd Snider, Hayes Carll folkier type music I listen to, but that's why I gave it a shot. Been looking for new musicians.
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