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Every now and then something comes along that you just can't shake. Something that you just can't deny. Whether it be an unexpected life changing experience, or a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Like it or not, it affects you. The common thread is that you experienced something unique and uncommon. That type of feeling is something you will take with you after digesting what Javi Garcia brings to the table.

In 2010, Javi Garcia a virtual unknown, unleashed his self produced debut double album A Southern Horror, which earned him 4 nominations at the Lone Star Music Awards. Album Of The Year, Emerging Artist Of The Year, & Album Art Of The Year (Original artwork by Javi Garcia). Two years later he set out to record The Great Controversy. His highly anticipated self produced sophomore effort. With the help of a successful pre-sale campaign raising over $17,000, the album is set for release April 9th, 2013. With many of his underground cult following believing his debut album A Southern Horror set a new standard for a new breed of progressive Americana, The Great Controversy undeniably raises the bar yet again. Truly embracing the nomadic spirit of Americana music and using it to further blur the line between singer-songwriter and uncompromising Rock & Roll. The album's momentum is relentless. The production is beautifully progressive and Garcia's songwriting has matured to a level that will even make his skeptics true believers.

"Javi Garcia's songs are written with an elegant cool darkness that rattles the bones, shakes the soul and bleeds with integrity. believe it." - Ray Wylie Hubbard

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Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
Carlos from Texas
Great Perfomer! Talent beyond his years!
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
Rachel R
The true sound of great Texas music! Such an amazing voice!!
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
Jannie Taylor
Comal County River is so well-written that when listening to it, a video of it plays in my mind. The other songs are top-notch, too, but Comal County River is wicked!
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
Steve Judice
Recently, while listening to CD's in my truck, "Southern Horror" ended and Cat Stevens' greatest hits began. I now think I know what a "sudden loss of cabin pressure" feels like. Javi Garcia's new album is an intense adventure into melancholia. Give a listen to the E.A. Poe of Texas music!
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
I've been listening to Javi since I was about 14 and have never been anything close to disappointed by his shows. So when I heard that he had a record coming out, I had to hear it. It was at least 3x as badass as I had envisioned, and that's saying something. Killer artist, killer record. Fin.
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
The future of this scene. Seriously good rock and equally serious good writing.
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
Jon Garcia
I'm an alternative Rock artist and dont listen to AMERICANA but Javi's music is like a fresh smack in the face that everyone needs to feel. Love it.
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
Travis Schultz
You can't go wrong with these guys, live or CD Javi will suprise you with cleaver, not soon to forget, and always true lyrics. A voice like no other, when he sings you know who your hearing. refreashingly dark and cold at times. Cold Cold Ground is the pefect name for the band. Cold, hard, dirty, and natural. Awesome stage presence to match, every song comes from this guys soul. If it's real, you feel it. After one song,you'll feel it.
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
Dennis Welsh
Absolute crap. Saw them live and wanted to vomit. The only thing that kept me there was the booze.
Javi Garcia  05/14/2010            
Daniel Thomas Phipps
This album makes me want to eat burnt toast and gravel for the rest of my life with luke warm buttermilk to wash it down... And I'd love every second of it.
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