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Every now and then something comes along that you just can't shake. Something that you just can't deny. Whether it be an unexpected life changing experience, or a matter of being at the right place at the right time. Like it or not, it affects you. The common thread is that you experienced something unique and uncommon. That type of feeling is something you will take with you after digesting what Javi Garcia brings to the table.

In 2010, Javi Garcia a virtual unknown, unleashed his self produced debut double album A Southern Horror, which earned him 4 nominations at the Lone Star Music Awards. Album Of The Year, Emerging Artist Of The Year, & Album Art Of The Year (Original artwork by Javi Garcia). Two years later he set out to record The Great Controversy. His highly anticipated self produced sophomore effort. With the help of a successful pre-sale campaign raising over $17,000, the album is set for release April 9th, 2013. With many of his underground cult following believing his debut album A Southern Horror set a new standard for a new breed of progressive Americana, The Great Controversy undeniably raises the bar yet again. Truly embracing the nomadic spirit of Americana music and using it to further blur the line between singer-songwriter and uncompromising Rock & Roll. The album's momentum is relentless. The production is beautifully progressive and Garcia's songwriting has matured to a level that will even make his skeptics true believers.

"Javi Garcia's songs are written with an elegant cool darkness that rattles the bones, shakes the soul and bleeds with integrity. believe it." - Ray Wylie Hubbard

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Javi Garcia  05/23/2010            
Don Henry Ford Jr.
This'n will make my year's best list. Already has.
Javi Garcia  05/22/2010            
Pancho shows his complete lack of knowledge of musicianship by taking a swipe at Sam Baker as part of his Javi review. Smells like professional jealousy from here...
Javi Garcia  05/22/2010            
Don Henry Ford Jr.
This'n will make my year's best list. Already has.
Javi Garcia  05/20/2010            
Lynn DePalermo
Javi Garcia and the Cold Cold Ground rock! Lyrical geniouses!! Love their music! They seriously rock it out!!
Javi Garcia  05/19/2010            
Pancho Villa
This CD is, in fact, a horror...Horribly bad! I know that every member of his family and friends are hyping him like crazy on this site, but once you listen you'll see that their is nothing there. Dull beats and mundane lyrics, coupled with a voice worse than Sam Baker. Pass this one by...
Javi Garcia  05/17/2010            
Rob Skalitsky
These guys can rock faces like no other. I haven't had a chance to see them live, but I recently purchased their album. I was really impressed by the lyrics, vocals, and all around sound. I can only hope that the next time I get down to Texas I can actually see them live.
Javi Garcia  05/16/2010            
javi garcia will blow your mind. the music gets inside you, and his lyrics will speak to parts of you that you may not even know exist. never a dull moment, never a poor performance, these guys have the talent to take it all the way
Javi Garcia  05/16/2010            
Javi Garcia has tremendous talent as a singer / songwriter. His music reminds me of musicians of earlier generation: Hank Williams, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Meloncamp and more recently Steve Earl and Robert Earl Keen. Javi is a troubadour singing of the issues that face his generation. His voice and lyrics pull you in and the music and instrumentation backs his message up (and them some) with raw emotion. This CD ... the messages you hear and the emotion you feel make this a must to have.
Javi Garcia  05/16/2010            
Carlos Guerra
Javi Garcia & Cold Cold Ground , new CD, Southern Horror, Awesome tunes, they all great, and its a double cd, Fresh songs, Voodoo Queen is a killer song, These guys can really rock it though the whole cd, I want to listen to some great new Texas music , buy this cd. Keep Texas music alive, support these artist,s. ADIOS
Javi Garcia  05/15/2010            
Chris Hinojosa
Javi has got such great talent! This is a band that definately will go to higher places...Buy the CD/or just go into his website and listen to some of his music..You will not be disappointed..Excellent Voice and great performance!!!!
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