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dog man  07/24/2005          
Camelot Falling
How can anyone listen to the samples of this crap and think it's the best thing he's done? Why on earth would you re-record "Remain". It just proves how much the Divide made him sound better. And into the mystic?? If you can't do it better than the original please don't do it. This album sucks.
fan  07/22/2005          
Camelot Falling
I've never heard anything from them I didn't like. The songwriting is superb as usual. Mike's distinct voice just adds to it. It's nice to have music that doesn't sound like everyone else's.
Zea  07/22/2005          
Camelot Falling
I am thrilled to hear these clips, and I can't wait to buy the album! These tracks resemble Twelve Pieces more than anything I've heard, which can only be a great thing...that was, by far, my favorite Mike McClure release - solo or band. Keep 'em coming, Mac!
honest john  07/20/2005          
Camelot Falling
how many of these do we have to put in to compensate for the idiots who put in low numbers? Mac is a songwriter and performer who has no equal. I'll support him from now on. The clips on this album sound great.
Digity  07/20/2005          
Camelot Falling
He sings like he has to take a shit. but a great song writer
Bruce  07/20/2005          
Camelot Falling
Have not heard it but it can't be any better than his last album if he is still straining his voice
mmb fan  07/18/2005          
Camelot Falling
camelot falling. nothing to brag about. guess the drugs are taking there toll. is his majesty running out of material? so sad.
mmb fan  07/16/2005          
Camelot Falling
Got to hear a little of the new album from Mac. It is the best thing he has done. It has a little of the old , a little of the new and some stuff that is different and great!! It is the album for all Mike McClure fans.
jake brakes  07/13/2005          
Camelot Falling
All that comes from Mac is a masterpeice.

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