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paul cast  02/23/2012          
She's Like Texas
i like it alot
[email protected]  02/23/2012          
She's Like Texas
i like it alot
Honky Tonk Princess  02/23/2012          
Album Review
This is the best album I have heard in years. This is exactly the kinda music to renew my faith in Texas Music!
Greg  02/22/2012          
Amazing stuff. Incredible lyrics for such a young band. Great rootsy sound. A mix of americana, blugrass, and a little country. Soemthing for everyone. These guys deserve to be heard.
ML  02/13/2012          
Live At Billy Bob's {CD/DVD Combo}
Solid live album. Really dig the new tunes
Jay  02/09/2012          
The Holding Pattern
Real country music from a real nice guy. Click that "Buy" button or go to a Nate Kipp show and get this one. I'll wait here.
Texas Reb  02/03/2012          
Album Review
Best new southern rock since Blackberry Smoke. Thank God these boys are keeping it alive and rockin'. This is good solid Southern Rock and it isn't warmed over LYNYRD, OUTLAWS< HATCHET, or ARS its WHISKEY MYERS and it rocks. I'll be lookin' to catch 'em live and this CD will get lots of airtime for a LONG TIME to come.
Texas Reb  02/03/2012          
Album Review
Another great CD from Stoney LaRue. He just has a knack of putting albums together that get better with age. They are the ones that stick with you, the ones you play for years to come because they are always right. If I had a dollar for everytime I have listened to his live at Billy Bob's CD I'd have lots of money this one will get the same airings. Buy it you'll be happy that you did!
penny  02/02/2012          
Running From The Bull
Josh's talent as a singer/songwriter blows me away! Love the music
Don Henry Ford Jr.  01/23/2012          
This One's For Him: A Tribute To Guy Clark
I fell out of touch with the music scene this year, but got this as a Christmas gift. Shockingly good, both the songs and the masterful performances. Moved me. Will move you. Album of the year in my book.

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