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FIFTH.HORSEMAN  02/17/2018          
Solid Ground
Album Review
TRUE TEXAS GREATNESS Well, you can count on a magnificently designed album cover to encapsulate even more musical greatness! Calexico meets Texas Full On times Wade Bowen Squared. And then some. Pushed further on inside his journey of artistic evolution, my all-time favourite singer-songwriter did it. Does it. Forever will. Yet again. Catch the authentic true-to-life flavour of If We Ever Make It Home's 2008 immortal greatness in one of my favourite new tracks, 'Broken Glass'. Pure middle of the night sincereness that catches an essence of heart-ache overcome by true passion. Or everyday life, for those who are willing to take the time to live in this very moment. Taking the plunge into the river of life that guides you towards Acuña and catapults you down memory lane as gazing into the eyes of a long lost love that never died. True Texan Soul for the free-spirited. Just follow the flow, folks. Celebrate life after death into life revisited, reborn in song & dance, dedicated to Guy Clark, who's immortal songs were recorded by the likes of Harris, Cash & Nelson. Yep. “Death, Dyin’ and Deviled Eggs, "That'll be 12.98 please, ma'am..." "Or better still, make that 7.30 while we're at it... all drinks on me!" Bask in Calexican rays of mellowness ('Day Of The Dead'), written in the sand by the album producer at hand, Keith Garris. "Prrrrrrrrrrr... hahah..."; indeed. Each track created and nurtured within the confines of the studio, immediately followed by the master recording sessions themselves. There's so much more to this book of musical notes than just a pretty cover. If you like true country-music without false pretences, just pick up this album, and shuffle through the layers with each repeated listen. You won't be disappointed... Needless to say you also should take a peek into past works 'Wade Bowen(2014)' which leads up nicely to another source of sheer songwriting beauty to be discovered inside such evergreen album that is 'If We Ever Make It Home' (2008). Three solid albums that stand the test of time... A time of continuous evolution that is the golden songcraft of this superb true music artist. "Oh, just like that... everything is blessed..." What can I say? Just hop in... enjoy. Full tracklist for 'Solid Ground': 01. “Couldn’t Make You Love Me” (Wade Bowen, Keith Gattis, Audley Freed) 02. “Day of the Dead” (Keith Gattis) 03. “So Long 6th Street” (Feat. Jack Ingram and Miranda Lambert) (Bowen, Gattis) 04. “Broken Glass” (Feat. Lucie Silvas) (Bowen) 05. “Death, Dyin’ and Deviled Eggs” (Feat. Jon Randall) (Bowen, Randall) 06. “7:30” (Bowen, Angaleena Presley, Waylon Payne) 07. “Acuña” (Feat. Lucie Silvas) (Bowen, Gattis, Freed) 08. “Compass Rose” (Bowen and Andrew Combs) 09. “Anchor” (Feat. Lucie Silvas) (Bowen and Jeremy Spillman) 10. “Fell in Love on Whiskey” (Bowen and Charlie Worsham) 11. “Calling All Demons” (Bowen and Seth James)
KB  10/23/2017          
A Long Way From Your Heart
Excellent album from beginning to end. Hope these guys never stray away from that Turnpike Troubadour sound. It all original. Nobody out there like these guys. Well Done!
T.G. Caraway  05/13/2017          
This Tall To Ride
Have been a fan of her music since she started. This is the best she had recorded!
Michael Johnson  10/21/2016          
This Old Thing
Fantastic album all the way around. It takes you on a country blues journey that pulls at your heart strings, gets you dancing and cures your soul.
Ken martinez  06/23/2016          
Which Way Is Up
I've been a Jackson Taylor fan for a long long time. This is an incredible album from one of the truest outlaw bands out there. Everybody needs an outlaw is my favorite, foolin around should be a huge hit on radio!! If you like Hank, John,Waylon, and Merle you are already a sinner fan. So buy all his albums, you won't be disappointed
JKIRK  06/02/2016          
Dust & Wind
Album Review
I can listen to all but 3 songs over and over. The last track was a bummer if you count that. But overall I really liked this album a lot.
Cindy Blain   11/30/2015          
When A Heart Breaks
I love this whole CD. Bri Bagwell is just awesome! I sure wish the radio stations here locally (CC, TX) would play this girl's music more. She has such talent and needs to be heard!!
Wes Morrow  09/29/2015          
Men & Coyotes
Album Review
great new album
Wes murphy  09/18/2015          
Men & Coyotes
Album Review
Best album I've herd in a long time.
Matthew D.  09/01/2015          
Please send Donald and Hillary A Copy. SQUELCH kills fascists to quote Woody Guthrie. So if you are human, you should enjoy this one.

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