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B. Cain  06/13/2000          
Mark David Manders
Artist Review
Mark david's band rose to the occasion at Larry Joe Taylor's Chilifest in Meridian,TX earlier this year. His stage appearence got the party started for a throw down Nuevo Tejas style!
Dave Ray  06/13/2000          
Monte Montgomery
Artist Review
Today I was at the local CD store looking for something to tide me over until my Dub Miller CD arrives in the mail, and I happened to see "Mirror" just sitting there on the rack. I could have sworn I remember seeing Monte Montgomery on "Austin City Limits", and he seemed good at the I thought I would give his new CD a listen. Lately I've been listening to Jason Boland and the Stragglers "Pearl Snaps" (I caught their show in Amarillo and they are the REAL DEAL, so if you happen to get a chance...), so I was thinking that it was about time to give something else a chance for awhile. I must say that either I slept through that Austin City Limits episode or I was thinking of someone else, because this is not the man I remember. Sure, Lloyd Maines playes a mean steel, but that is all this CD has going for it. I can only hope they will take it back tomorrow...I knew I should have just waited for Dub Miller.
Kevin  06/12/2000          
Todd Snider
Artist Review
"Happy To Be Here" is one of the best CDs that I've bought this year. Snider, one of the best young songwriters in the country, gets back to his roots on his latest release. The songs reflect his life, (he recently settled down and got married), from "Happy To Be Here" to a song about a prenuptual agreement, "Just In Case". This release is on John Prine's Oh Boy record label. So you can see definately see the Prine influence on the catchy "Keep Off The Grass".
Nate  06/11/2000          
American Troubadour
This CD is well written and a great buy between "postcard from Paris and 9 miles north of Mason" it covers all song types it is a great CD.
Marcus  06/08/2000          
Willie Nelson
Artist Review
Classic Willie!!! A must for all. This is a product the fans and students of the industry can really sink their teeth into. It doesn't get any better than this.Another top-notch album that any and everybody can get something out of no matter what genre of music you prefer.
Trey   06/06/2000          
Charlie Robison
Artist Review
This is a must have CD for all you Texicana music lovers. Charlie Robinson is a legend in the making.
Kevin  06/05/2000          
Passing Through
Owen is following in the line of other Great Texas Singer / Songwriters. I highly recommend Owen.
Mike Fikes  06/05/2000          
Jason Boland & The Stragglers
Artist Review
This is the first cd from these "boys for Oklahoma" A monicker being used to refer to bands out of their hometown of Stillwater, Oklahoma(also including The Great Divide, Red Dirt Rangers and Cross Canadian Ragweed). The band on this album, with the help of Lloyd Maines, sound like they've been doing this awhile with fantastic lead guitar work by Roger Ray and solid-as-a-rock rhythym section. Boland's insight and quality songwriter ability really show through on "Backslider Blues" "Telephone Romeo" and my favorite "Somewhere Down in Texas"(on which "Texas Sweetheart" Terri Hendrix appears). His lightheartedness makes "The Drinking Song" "No Damn Good" and the title cut "Pearl Snaps" all toe-tapping, beer drinking good times. A very fine cd in the tradition of Robert Earl Keen from these young "Boys from Oklahoma".
Kevin Thompson  06/02/2000          
Al Barlow
Artist Review
Al is a hidden Hill Country Treasure. He has been around for years and everyone in the Hill Country loves "Barlow". Years ago, he did song swaps at Cheatham Street with Todd Snider and Terri Hendrix when they were just getting started.
Chad  05/02/2000          
Places In Between
Places in betwen takes you on a musical journey that you don't want to miss!


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