Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne

Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne
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Mile by Mile is how Honeybrowne has gained its large, loyal, and growing fan base over the years. Mile by Mile also happens to be the title of the bands fourth studio release on Smith Music. Strong songwriting, edgy musicianship, and availability to their fans made, and have kept, Honeybrowne a staple in the regional Texas Music circuit for ten + years. Mile by Mile, produced by one of Austin's best, Mark Addison (Bob Schneider, Ian Moore, The Summer Wardrobe, etc.), is a must have for music lovers who dig roots-rock, americana, and alt-country sounds, and will undoubtedly help Honeybrowne continue its reign atop the Texas Music scene. Fresh off tour, supporting fan favorite Something To Believe In, released in late 2005, Honeybrowne took some personal time off to welcome two new additions to the clan. Lead singer and songsmith, Fred Andrews, and drummer Stephen Bres both had baby boys in the past year, inspiring them to pen the heart-felt "Personal Lullaby", one of ten tracks off of Mile by Mile. Other stand out tracks include the upbeat tune "Yesterday's News", and the laid back and Wilco-esque sounds of "Help Me Find My Way".
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Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  06/14/2010            
OMG FRED is a DUESHE BAG! Look at the fuzzed out band. Typical lead singer syndrome.
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  04/16/2010            
that promo pic on the webpage kinda looks like the Stillwater shirt from Almost Famous with the other band members fuzzed out .
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  03/16/2010            
I haven't heard this,but that's a really cool album title
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  10/07/2008            
Hey, my ex-boyfriend now used to sing it to me every nite, too!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  06/30/2008            
Joe Mama
An exceptional CD. I was surprised at how good it was, given some of their recent CDs. By far, the best I've heard from Honeybrowne...they will definitely draw some new fans from this one.
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  08/17/2007            
Honeybrowne is one of my favorite TX Music Bands! What i like about them is that they have a more pop-rock sound than everyone else, and that makes them unique! However i am concerned, because everytime i see them they have a different guitar player or drummer.I hope it's nuthin' serious and they can find some stability soon!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  05/25/2007            
by april
when i first heard texas angel i loved it. my ex-boyfriend now used to sing it to me every nite. when honeybrowne played at sundance it was alsome the place was packed there was now where else i rather have been. i wish honeybrowne would come paly at another bar in cleveland tx. love ya
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  03/27/2007            
Always a great live show. Seen these guys six or seven times, LOVE EM!!!!!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  05/03/2006            
Lisa Kickass
I saw honeybrowne at sundance in coldsprings, Texas and it was AWESOME!!! The first night i went to sundance hardly anyone was there. But the night of honeybrowne the place was packed! it was great!
Fred Andrews And Honeybrowne  04/05/2006            
Brian Christopher
To tell you the truth i never wanted to see this band/nor hear about this band bc i thought they were all just pretty boys that made Texas Angel to make it big. But my girlfriend at the time bought tickets so i was obligated to go, It was an acoustic concert, and i actually was AMAZED!!!! They are pretty damn good. I own all their cds now and i really have no complaints. Keep on Keep'in on!
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