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Various Artists
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This section is for soundtracks and compilations featuring some of the best of Texas music.
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Various Artists  12/26/2009            
Nice! Bingham is takin off and I hope he takes home that Oscar for best song so the rest of the world can open up their damn eyes and see what real music is!
Various Artists  10/18/2009            
the edge of nowhere is the best song to ever be sung by white people. ever.
Various Artists  05/17/2009            
Vikram Andrew Naharwar
My greatest fear has been that one day the incomparable Bob Dylan would be no more.The void of the Greatest writer/singer/musician of our times can never be filled, BUT NOW there is hope , Jimmy Lafave is the saviour, the hope for millions that enjoy the beauty of poetry sung the way only Dylan can. There can be no better way to say this than, THANK YOU JIMMY
Various Artists  08/23/2008            
Looks like a good line up. But what's with the Big & Rich addition? How did they sneak into this album?
Various Artists  08/20/2008            
Really looking forward to hearing Dwight doing the Doug Sahm tune and Lucinda on "Mamas".
Various Artists  06/24/2008            
Texas T
Def agree the CD's missing a song! TX2U Great concert at 8.0's! Can't wait to see you again.
Various Artists  04/10/2008            
Your review of JCoop is humorous. Hope you didn't puke on yourself! Cooper ROCKS!
Various Artists  04/10/2008            
johnny cooper sucks badly, Ive seen him before unwillingly and threw up right after. Shave the peach fuzz....
Various Artists  02/11/2008            
fort worth!
Kelly Comes to Town is great!
Various Artists  02/09/2008            
Isis@ LSM
Beano, JC is Johnny Cooper. Sorry they weren't too clear for you.
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