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MichaelJ  11/12/2009          
Randy Rogers Band
Dear Randy, Im a huge fan of yours and I feel that we have been connecting this past few weeks. The last concert you played in college station I felt you were singing to me the whole time. My mommy has always told me go after what really means the most to you in life...and that is you to me. I hope to run into you in these coming weeks. Please write back and if you dont i'll find you. MJ
David  05/27/2009          
Randy Rogers Band
I agree with Gabe. There are plenty groups that up and coming that will carry the college drinking torch. RR is doing the right thing by branching out and becoming more of a rounded band. They are staying with the age group that made them. I was in college when these guys were coming up and I have a great respect for their music. Good luck RR and keep it going.
Gabe  01/15/2009          
Randy Rogers Band
First time I saw RR as a college sophmore he played for free at Shadow Canyon in College Station. I had a flask in my pocket and a joint in my billfold. Now I have a wife, two young boys, and a full time job. If he was still singing about beer and partying, I wouldn't be listening to him anymore. I don't think he got away from his roots, I think his roots got deeper. LOVE THIS CD.
Still_With_Them  01/13/2009          
Randy Rogers Band
Sell out? No. Matured and more experienced? Yes. Did you really expect them to write about college experiences through their entire career? They are older, wiser, have families, and their music reflects the changes in their personal and professional life. They have grown up, and if you are still wanting songs about late night drinking and young hearted turmoil, maybe you should grow up too. I'm sure that if all their albums sounded like the first, you'd complain about that too. This album is awesome. I think most of this sell out talk comes from jilted fans who feel left out of the scene since they can't go to a show and pass a shot on stage anymore. Stop hating and start congratulating. Aren't you the same ones who help spread the world and enlighten others to the great music? Job well done, so quit whining. If you want some great new music from the greatest band outta Texas, get this.
Bob o  11/21/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
This group sure has changed. Is this any good? That depends on your taste.Anyone looking for Randy's (real) first cd "Live at Cheatham" can write me. I have one copy left for sale. Very rare. ([email protected])
Vinny The Shark  11/16/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Vinny highly disagrees. This album kicks ass. No songs you want to repeat? Wow. Never Be That High, In My Arms Instead, Better Than I Oughta Be, Didn't Know You Could. Buy Myself A Chance. All strong songs. RRB is one of those very few bands where everything they put out is gold. Too many people got spoiled with Rollercoaster. That album will always be one of the best ever put out in this scene. However, this latest output holds it's own. Great album.
TX Country  11/16/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Don't think they sold out, just don't think they mailed it in on this one. Not a single song that makes you want to hit repeat. Coming from RRB, we all expect more. And why not come up with a name to the album? Just seems lazy to call it the band's name. Can't wait until the next album.
A. Ford  11/01/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Its a good thing I didn't spend my money on this CD. Randy has gotten so far away from why I went and saw him all the time. At least Just a Matter of Time had a few good Texas country songs on it. This one screams sell-out. I mean come on this is RRB's 4th cd and they use the name of the band...?
Brandie  10/31/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
I remember the days on Cheatham Street, and songs like "Tommy Jackson". I love the Randy Rogers Band, and i am blessed to have seen this band get so big and popular. Don't forget your roots boys. Thank you for the music.
Kyle  10/28/2008          
Randy Rogers Band
Randy hasnt sold out but this is a mediocre CD at best, a few good songs and some pretty bad songs. Not a great follow up to Rollercoatster and JAMOT

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