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Lonnie Mathis  10/21/2007          
Mission California.
Got this cd for my birthday, and it's the best disc i ever listened too.
Bryce  10/21/2007          
Mission California.
Saw these guys at the Wormy Dog release party- they sang all the songs off the new album. And it was great. This cd freakin' rocks.
JAYDEN  10/21/2007          
Mission California.
Katie  10/21/2007          
Mission California.
My brother bought this CD and I stole it out of his truck last weekend and it hasn't left my CD player yet. Its the best thing they've ever done.
jocyln  10/21/2007          
Mission California.
this album rocks. every song on this cd is great. lawrence is my favorite!
Dan  10/11/2007          
Mission California.
The Album is awesome. My Favorite so far as they continue to get better and better.
KBizzle  10/11/2007          
Mission California.
It took a little time to grow on me but grow on me it did. I can't take it out of my CD player. Songs and lyrics are awesome. Great Job!!!!!!!!!
aggieville  10/10/2007          
Mission California.
Awesome. possibly the best cd since "purple" although im not saying the last 2 were bad. Dead Man, Years, NYCG great new songs and i love the remake of Jenny. its also kinda cool that Plato got to sing lead on Soul Agent! Great buy if your a Ragweed fan! seen em countless times and have never seen a bad show! not sure what the other guy is talkin bout. Roger.... Speak English!
Todd  10/09/2007          
Mission California.
Ragweed ROCKS! This CD is aweswome. I seen them for the first time this summer and they played some of the new stuff. I will be seeing them again. KICK ASS.
Todd Stewart  10/08/2007          
Mission California.
"This ain't country, its bad rock n roll!"


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