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DRR  04/04/2004          
Millennium Collection:Best Of
This is a great compilation of vintage Jacky Jack Walker.
DRR  04/03/2004          
Album Review
This whole album is great. Down in Texas, Life on the Road, Badgirl, and the Last Song are the best tracks but the whole album is nothing but good music.
DRR  04/03/2004          
Mr. Bojangles
This is a good album. Here, Jerry Jeff has an attitude, but still pretty mellow.
DRR  04/03/2004          
Ultimate Collection
This a great collection and a good CD to take to parties. I didn't like the idea of taking a verse out of the Chuck Pyle song, Jaded Lover though.
DRR  04/03/2004          
Five Years Gone
This album holds one of the best love songs that I have ever heard. Its simple, but very nice. I believe Kieth Sykes wrote it. The song is "About Her Eyes". The rest of the album shows a more mellow Jerry Jeff in his earlier writing.
DRR  04/03/2004          
Driftin Way of Life
A great show of Jerry Jeffs writing talents. How can you not like "Morning Song to Sally" and not be moved by "Fading Lady". And I laighed my ass off the first time that I heard Gertrude and Ramblin, Scramblin.
DRR  04/03/2004          
Lone Wolf: Best of Elektra Sessions
The Lost Gonzo Band were as one. I don't think the Bandito Band had that. They were a great band and this is a great album but some of the fun is missing.
DRR  04/03/2004          
Jerry Jeff Jazz
If I can't sleep, I'll put on this album. Its not your average Jerry Jeff album and is not intended to be. I think he did this one for himself and came out with a great album!
DRR  04/03/2004          
Best of the Vanguard Years
I am not crazy about the circus maximus stuff but in those songs you can see that Jerry Jeff was a great writer and needed to go on his own. The other material, shows that Jerry Jeff is a true gypsy and loves the road.
DRR  04/03/2004          
Cowboy Boots & Bathin' Suits
This is a great album. Jerry Jeff didn't try to make a Buffett album. It was recorded in Belize and had some island life but Texas was ever present in the music.


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