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Muttcrt  12/07/2008          
Mission California.
Good CD guys, but not up to par when compared to "Purple" (CCR) or Soul Gravy. But still a good CD! Was worth the price I paid. So was all the otherss. If this is the first CD of CCR, don't judge 'em, Get Back To Tulsa and then you will see the "real" CCR. THAT was a GREAT CD. Thanks for that one, really Kicked A$$ ! Sorta need to say Thanks, since it was, as Cody said "Our Album". Keep up the good work guys, soundin' great.
bambam  10/02/2008          
Mission California.
well, it's no Soul Gravey or Garage (2 of the greatest cd's of all time) but it is growing on me. Could have spent a little more time on lyrics on a few of the songs(bubble-gum). Still a band in my top 2 or 3.
ftvnky bukqmf  08/17/2008          
Mission California.
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TxMusic  05/22/2008          
Mission California.
Awesome, just great, the songs are great, the sound is great, its different but not a totally new sound. Great job on song writing, if u dont have this cd your really missing out, you have got to get this cd!!!
booths notes  05/11/2008          
Mission California.
this album is a mellow version of a band that i am waiting in eager anticipation of seeing live at the Rochester Jazz Festival on June 14. they are fresh and ready to explode on the music scene! they are not a country band-they are a great band with a country flair. imagine a cross between Willie Nelson and 38 Special.
jdeereg76  04/01/2008          
Mission California.
I really liked this album! It was totally different than any album you done before but I think that's what made me like it so much! Don't get me wrong, I love what has come before it, but this was fresh and new and at the same time still what Cross is all about! Way to go guys on another hit in my book!
nwb425  02/07/2008          
Mission California.
i have to say the song writing and music is great, it's catchy stuff as well as real musicians making real music you can dig. yeah, there is some help with some songs written by todd snider, chris knight and others. mike mcclure inevitably produces great stuff, and ragweed is the perfect ingredient for a great release. hopefully this album gets the attention it deserves.
Beano  12/24/2007          
Mission California.
Not their best, not their worst. The best song on the CD is "Cry Lonely", a Chris Knight cover. Wise choice. Could've done without "Jenny"; it wasn't that good the first time around.
sara s.  11/01/2007          
Mission California.
the soul agent song rocks.
Bryson  11/01/2007          
Mission California.
Mike Mclure produces the greatest tracks on this cd. love it!

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