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LectrkLady  07/16/2006          
Robert Earl Keen
Artist Review
I have been listening to REK for about 20 years and he still makes me feel good. If you want to hear what it feels like to be in Texas and kick back and have a few beers in the Lone Star State then this is one way to do it.
Ken Strong  06/29/2006          
Live at the Ryman
Can't wait for REK's new album. It doesn't matter if there is not any new material on the album since most of the music are his classic songs. And now many of them are on one album. WOW! Of course I have to keep my Farm Fresh Onions CD around so I can listen to "Beats the Devil Out of Me".
Bill  06/29/2006          
Live at the Ryman
He is starting to push it a little too much on live albums, but i still totally support REK and his music... His last couple studios were very solid.
Adam O'Dell  06/28/2006          
Live at the Ryman
All I have to say is Fulton Brindley is just about the dumbest sack of crap on earth. After all the incredible music that Robert Earl has put out through his amazing career and youre gonna show him that kind of disrespect! Good thing people like you don't matter at all to Robert Earl, cuz guess what no matter what you say, The Road Goes On Forever and The Party Never Ends, but guess what? You just lost your invitation to the party!!! Long Live ROBERT EARL KEEN!!!
Fulton Brindley  06/25/2006          
Live at the Ryman
I am sorry, I'm losing interest in Robert Earl. He is putting out too many live albums and sub-par studio albums. How can anyone really listen to ANOTHER live version of "Merry Christmas From the Family" with a straight face at this point?? Especially since his studio albums have been worse and worse with each release. It's a shame to see him become a Branson act right before our eyes.
FL  06/23/2006          
Live at the Ryman
Hey idiot REK came out with a new CD last year called What I Really Mean. I'm sure this CD will be a good live one, plus no one can have more live CD'S than Jack Ingram.
N/A  06/21/2006          
Live at the Ryman
YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT BIG!!! Having heard his newer stuff live, I cant wait to get a copy of this album in the making. By the way big. There is a formula that Rek follows, a couple of new studio albums + loyal fans wanting to hear the new stuff live = a new live album. Also, if you dont want to hear the same stuff, dont buy the album. SIMPLE
Big Papi  06/21/2006          
Live at the Ryman
WTF? Another "live" CD with the same songs. Gimme something new for Christ's sake! REK used to be, "the poop"; now it's all about the cash.
REK Fan  05/04/2006          
No. 2 Live Dinner
This is by far the best REK album ever! Sounds great, and perfect album to listen to with a cold brew while enjoyed the mountains of west texas.
TheWhiteRabbit  04/25/2006          
Gravitational Forces
After listening to some of REKs classics and some of his newer songs, this Hall of Fame song says it all. That is practically where I live. I'm there every weekend partying it up on the dance floor with all those Aggies. Gig 'em!!!


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